EasyAppsOnline is a web-based Benefit Enrollment System that makes health insurance enrollment EASY with 24/7 access anytime – anywhere.  EasyAppsOnline provides the ability to enroll Core and Voluntary products as one enrollment.  They call it a “one and Done”.  An EasyAppsOnline enrollment means no more redundant data entry across multiple applications.  From a simple questionnaire EasyAppsOnline can populate any carrier application and provide a “wet signature” captured with a stylus or mouse.  The employee enrollment experience is a media rich presentation of videos, PDF files that explain and compare products, and web-links for more information.  Plus the employee’s data is secured and saved for their next enrollment.  EasyAppsOnline has more than 1 million enrollments across the U.S. 

Easy Quotes – Secure quotes directly from the carrier, plus real time quotes instantly for partner carriers.  Begin by uploading your client’s census data, including dependents, and within seconds your quote is presented in a printable side-by-side comparison report that is perfect for reviewing benefit options with your clients.

Quotes to Enrollment – Select the most competitive carrier quote for your group and just click – EasyAppsOnline does the work by creating the group’s enrollment setup.

Employee Medical Portal – employees can logon and print a Prescription/Dosage Report or a Full Family Medical History. They can also print a card to give their Family Health Care Provider direct access to this information online.

New Hire Mode – system will allow the HR person to enter basic information about the new employee creating temporary sign-in credentials. The new employee signs in to update their password information. They will then enroll and the system will automatically send an e-mail to their insurance agent/broker to notify them that there is a new hire application waiting. When the agent/broker signs in they can send the new hire application to the carrier(s).

Final Plan Selection – you can offer a choice of health plans to your clients. The Final Plan Selection allows a business with multiple group locations and employees at various pay levels to easily track and deliver the applicable benefit plans. Plan Summaries are available for the employees to make final decisions. Plan selection reports can be created to send to payroll departments and to carriers.

Final Plan Selection – We now offer Benefit Shopping.  We allow employees to choose their benefits based on their company’s contribution.  A running cost of the elections will be calculated as the employee adds and removes benefits.

Age-Based LTD & STD – We now offer age-based LTD and STD products to your clients.


EAO Presentation for Brokers and Clients


Updated List of carriers that accept EasyAppsOnline



 Employee Prescreen Process PowerPoint


BASIC Guru users receive a special rate of $2.75 per employee per year

BASIC Guru users pay a one time set up fee of $1,000.00, which includes the features shown below.

Premier Features

  • Free Unlimited training & support via LIVE chat, e-mail and/or phone.
  • EasyAppsOnline enrollments can be completed using a desktop computer, iPad, Windows based tablet, or Android Smart Device.  Plus you can conduct phone enrollments with their Broker Enroll button.
  • Easy Wizards simplify their system by guiding you through each process.  Templates are provided to prevent redundant setup of benefit plans and guide you from quoting to application submission.
  • Customize enrollments to match client requirements.  Turn on/off medical questions, prior/other coverage and create a mix of core and voluntary products!



Security Information

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