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BASIC Guru is a NAIFA Preferred Provider. We offer NAIFA members special prices.

BASIC Guru Full Service

BASIC Guru is an agency management system/employee benefit portal builder that serves as an excellent tool for insurance agents who want to differentiate their agency from others. Employers find value in our online tools that help increase employee retention, keep employers compliant with complex HR issues, and communicate benefit information with employees.

Unlimited access!

2 year agreement

$195.00 per month for NAIFA Agents

3 year agreement

$185.00 per month for NAIFA Agents


Why should you choose BASIC Guru?

1. Agents and their clients have access to exclusive discounts such as :

BASIC Rx Discount, BASIC Dental Discount, BASIC Vision Discount, BASIC Hearing Discount

2. National TPA offering administration for COBRA, HRA, HSA and FSA at a discounted rate that pays you commission

3. The best customer service experience you will ever have – just ask us for a reference

4. Ability to share benefit information to as many groups as you want for a flat fee, with no charge for your groups or their employees or individuals that you place in BASIC Guru.

5. Agents will be able to help their clients or prospects create their own customized employee handbook.

6. Agents can send monthly newsletters to all of their clients and prospects using our Managed HR Portal. We provide a new newsletter ever month at no additional charge.

7. Agents can create customized employee benefit statements for their group employees. This is a great way to help your groups share all the benefit options that they pay for in one comprehensive annual statement.

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