Generate Income

Most employers try to evidence that they are doing the right thing by having appropriate policies, procedures, handbooks and manager/supervisor training in place to fall back on if in the event there is a claim filed. If they don’t have these policies, procedures , handbook and training – then there is nothing to fall back on and the employer has no line of defense. This is where you come in! Use our software to protect your clients and generate fees at the same time!

Fee generation suggestions:

Provide your client’s access to current/historical compliance documents

Provide your client’s access to current/historical proof of receipt from employees that they have reviewed their required compliance documents – you could potentially be saving a client significant penalties down the road, what is that worth to them?

Access to a library of recorded web training classes.

Suggested Fee:

1-24 employees $25 per month

25-49 employees $50 per month

50 – 99 employees $100 per month

100+ $1.00 per employee per month

Web based HR compliance tool (BASIC HR), clients are used to paying an administrative fee to their payroll company for a tool like ours. Sell our payroll product along with BASIC HR to generate ongoing fees for your agency.

$25 – $50 per employer per month

Generate Total Compensation statements

$8.00 per employee per year

You don’t need a special license to charge clients fees to access the software tools that your agency offers.