Q?BASIC Guru Capabilities

BASIC Guru is an online “cloud based” benefits management tool that insurance agents use to manage their clients, prospects, carriers, networks, commission tracking, etc.  As an agent enters in the agency management information for each client, they are also building a custom benefit portal for employer/employee access at the same time!  Every user has their own unique user name and password to access their data only.

Q?Do I have to load software?

BASIC Guru is “cloud based”, which means that you, your clients, their employees or individuals can access their data 24/7.  BASIC Guru supports, Internet Explorer 9 and greater, Firefox, and Opera.  Our software does display a little differently when using a Mac or IPAD.

Q?Who is using the Internet?

According to a Pew Internet & American Life Project Tracking Survey:

Ages 18 – 20               87%

Ages 30 – 49               83%

Ages 50 – 64               65%

Q?Is it hard to upload/build a benefit portal?

We have designed a very “easy to use” system with several upload tools to help speed up the process of loading all of your group/individual data into the system.  In fact the average user can build a 25 person benefit portal in about 1 hour!

Q?Who owns the data?

Great question – Any information placed into BASIC Guru is owned by the agency who has a contract for our service.  This is what makes BASIC Guru so valuable!  If you turn off access to a client, they can not access their data – which means that it has become potentially very valuable to an employer.  Especially if they need to access their data to protect themselves during a DOL audit for instance.  Your data now has an economic value, that your clients will need access to now and in the future!

Q?Discounts/Price Guarantee

We guarantee the price for BASIC Guru for 3 years!  In fact in the 8 years we have been in business we have never had a price increase!  Can any of the other vendors you work with say that?  Most of our major competitors require at least a 3 – 5 year commitment, BASIC Guru conveniently offers a 2 or 3 year agreement.

BASIC Guru has partnered with NAIFA, NAHU and GBS to offer partner discounts.

NAHU – discount $15 per month off of our street rate

NAIFA – discount $30 per month off of our street rate

GBS – discount up to $250 off the annual cost, once you provide your GBS number

Q?Other Discounts?

As a BASIC Guru user you can take advantage of discounts on other services we offer. POP place are only $95 annually, which is $200 off!  Your clients can also take advantage of a 10% discount on COBRA, HSA, HRA and FSA administration.  The discount is taken off our street rate price!