Why do agents & brokers choose BASIC Guru over more expensive 'cloud based' software vendors?

We are in difficult, uncertain times, which is why BASIC Guru has made a commitment to the insurance industry to price our products as an affordable option to other larger, more expensive 'cloud based' vendors!

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Most employers try to evidence that they are doing the right thing by having appropriate policies, procedures, handbooks and manager/supervisor training in place to fall back on if in the event there is a claim filed. If they don’t have these policies, procedures , handbook and training – then there is nothing to fall back on and the employer has no line of defense. This is where you come in! Use our software to protect your clients and generate fees at the same time!

Compliance Risk Management

Employers are required to provide employees with a variety of notices advising them of their rights and responsibilities. For example, did you know that your employers need to share plan documents or a WRAP/SPD; and all of the required ACA/ERISA notices to all employees. Your employers should have a HIPAA Compliance Security & Training program in place if they deal with PHI! The Affordable Care Act (ACA) added to the already overwhelming amount of mandatory notices required for employers to remain compliant. Collecting and completing these notices is time-consuming – let us reduce the impact of this burden on your work load.

Human Resource Information Management

Are you aware that the DOL can call at any time and require your company to provide proof that you are in compliance with the DOL record keeping requirements? Typically you are offered 72 hours to get prepared. Why not use our “cloud based” software to store “cradle – grave” employee information all in one place?
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